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"Leading You Home" Liner Notes

Special Thanks to:

Rick Kilburn - for lending your ideas, guidance and expertise, and for giving me room to pursue my own ideas.
Dwayne Harder - for lending not only your brilliant engineering skills, but also your wonderful sense of musicianship.
Kathy Lauriente - for helping me keep my sanity when all of those administrative details threatened to overwhelm me.
The Musicians - for your hard work and artistic input in the studio.
Victor Deszo and Rob Stefanowicz - for lending your creativity and vision.
Ministers Marvin and Kathryn Anderson - for giving me a sense of "home-base" for this project. Your support (and that of the congregation at Unity of Vancouver) means a great deal to me.
Corlynn Hanney - for always being there when I need encouragement or advice, and for sharing your song with me.
Rob Sleath - for your patience when this project was all-consuming
Roberta Emery (mom) - for assisting me in countlesss ways, and for always being there with your love and support.

Special Thanks also to:

George and Elaine Reinzuch, Chris Emery and Mark Connolly, Perry Dickison, Heidi Archibald, Sam Masich and Richard Mekdeci. Thanks to Dad, Mike and Lorraine and all family and friends for your encouragement over the years.

Song Titles and Writers:

01. "Let There Be Light" (Jennie Emery) (Genesis 1:3) Special thanks to:
Reverend Marvin Anderson for inspiring this song with your Creation Series lesson.
Reverend Norma Rosado for providing me with the missing pieces to the puzzle with your presentation entitled "As You Believe, So It Will Be" (Unity Village, June 1999).
Eileen McGann for inspiring the music for the chorus with your song "I See My Journey".
02. Broken Dreams (Jennie Emery)
03. Sweet Inspiration (Corlynn Hanney)
04. Tell Me Who I Am (Jennie Emery)
05. Don't Throw It Away (Jennie Emery)
06. When I'm Back On My Feet Again (D. Warren)
07. White Water (Eileen McGann)
08. Love In Any Language (Jon Mohr and John Mays)
Note: opening lyrics - Je t'aime (French), Te amo (Spanish), Ya Tyibya Iyublyu (Russian phonetic), Ani ohevet othka (Hebrew), I love you...
09. Reach For the Light (music by Barry Mann and James Horner, lyrics by Cynthia Wells)
10. We Shall Be Free (Stephanie Davis and Garth Brooks)
11. I Believe I Can Fly (R. Kelly)
12. Leading You Home (Jennie Emery)

In choosing the songs for this CD I wanted to communicate ideas of awareness, spirituality, peace and harmony. Whatever your musical preference, I hope something on this album has special meaning to you.


Randall Stoll - drums
Miles Hill - bass
Rick Kilburn - up-right bass (song 2) and fretless bass (song 9)
Rob Steininger - electric guitar (songs 1, 7, 11 and 12), dobro
Karen Graves - tenor sax, soprano sax
Linda Kidder - background vocals (songs 8 and 11)
Corlynn Hanney - background vocals (songs 3, 8 and 11)
Jennie Emery - lead vocals, piano, keyboards (Korg X2 synth, Korg organ), acoustic guitar (6-string and 12-string on song 4), background vocals (songs 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 and 11)
Thanks Sara Splitchen and Jessica Owen for assistance with BG arrangement on song 4.

Produced by Rick Kilburn
Co-produced by Dwayne Harder and Jennie Emery
Engineered and mixed by Dwayne Harder

Mastered by Rick Kilburn
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Riverside Recording, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Digital Imaging & Graphics by Color Space
Photography by Victor Dezso
Manufactured by Precision Sound

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