Graphic of Jennie and her guide dog Joya walking through the woods at sunset

When Jennie Emery first sat down at a piano at the age of 4 it was unlikely she had any idea of the long and meaningful journey she was about to embark upon. By the time she began publicly performing at the age of fourteen it was clear to everyone who heard her that Jennie had a very special talent that called to be shared.

Blind since birth, nothing has stopped this hard working and determined artist from acquiring the skills she needed to become the consummate professional she is today. Her natural gift of perfect pitch is supported by an exceptionally creative spirit. Jennie is an accomplished instrumentalist on piano, guitar and trumpet and her voice has a finesse and depth that reaches right to the heart.

Her songwriting began in her early teens and is to this day rooted in the universal feelings of the human experience. Jennie's generous nature is reflected in the long list of events she has performed at in support of charitable causes or which draw attention to meaningful social issues. Jennie is equally comfortable performing traditional country, contemporary ballads, standard jazz greats, or rocking blues. The diversity of venues and audiences she reaches out to is unusual for even the most seasoned musician. Whether singing at the piano in an intimate hotel lounge setting, fronting a band at a jazz club, or performing for hundreds of delegates at a convention centre, Jennie is at home on any stage.

Career highlights include numerous television appearances, a performance at The Crystal Cathedral in California, an appearance at The Whistler Jazz Festival, and numerous performances for charitable events. In addition to solo performing, studio singing and song writing, Jennie has worked with various bands including Crosswind, the Ginger Group, and A String Of Girls. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Jennie now resides in the State of Illinois.

Jennie has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz Studies, and is also a graduate of Columbia Academy of Recording Arts. She has worked as a vocal instructor, and as Music Director for a series of summer programs for students from Japan.

Music is also about spirituality, awareness and contributing to a peaceful evolution of the world, song by song and person by person for Jennie Emery. She has been performing for many years at Unity of Vancouver, and various other churches, as song leader, accompanist and soloist.

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